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GERMANY: Köln – Frankfurt _ Würzburg – Nürnberg – Regensburg – Passau – Border Germany-Austria. (No custom-check, do not forget to buy an Autobahn vignet!)

AUSTRIA: Linz – St. Pölten – before Vienna A21 direction Budapest (in Vienna80 km /u, some photoflash-units!) – Nickelsdorf –Border Austria-Hungary.

Hungary: Do not forget to buy a Matra vignet (necessary for M1, M3 and M5) – Györ – before Budapest M0 (road round Budapest, (attention: strictly speed control!) – M5 (direction Szeged) _ before end of speedway exit 405/E60 direction Szolnok (connection between M5 en route 4) – on route 4 – Szolnok – Püspökladany (exit 42 to the left direction Oradea (attention: stop sign, police-control!) – Püspökladany – Berettyóújfalu (on roundabout straight on) – Artánd/Bors (border Hungary-Romania, at Romanian side money exchange. Do not forget to buy a rovinietta for all Romanian roads, available at the border and fuel stations).

ROMANIA: Oradea (in town follow direction signs Cluj Napoca, not the bad truck road!) – Alesd – Huedin – Saula – Izvoru Crisului – Capusu Mare – Camping "Eldorado".

After the little village Capusu Mare, 1200 m. before the village Gilau, on the left side of the road Camping ELDORADO is situated, recognizable at the EU-flag, the Camping Eldorado flag and the national flags from The Netherlands and Romania.


Time: Romania has another time zone, do not forget to count one extra hour.

Visa: Are not necessary for inhabitants of the EU-countries.

The through traffic roads in Romania are passable till good, with exception of bridges and in the built up area (specially in the towns). Road marks are not always available, so pay good attention at the traffic signs (missing marks on pedestrian crossings!). Driving in the dark means extra risk, because many vehicles (horse wagons!) do not carry lights. Slow down, drive as close as possible to the axis of the road and dim your lights as short as possible.

Maximum speed motor vehicles: in the built up area 50 km/h, outside the built up area 90 km/h.

Seat belts: are obliged. Smoking, changing the wireless program or mobile phone calls is forbidden during the driving (will be heavily punished). Vehicles of public traffic, which are leaving a stop, have right of way.

Motor fuel: is cheap, just as going out eating. Unleaded fuel (Benzina fara plumb) is practical everywhere available, auto gas especially in towns (Oradea, Floresti and Cluj).

Money: the easiest way is to take cash money with you (€ and $). Exchange rate € is at the moment about 4.20 Lei. You can exchange money at the exchange offices (cheapest rate and no costs) and at the banks. The banks are open from Monday till Friday from 09.00 – 15.00 h. Exchange offices mostly whole day, some non-stop (24 hours). Everywhere you get a ticket, foreigners have to show their passport. Do not exchange big amounts, Romania is a cheap country and it is not allowed to import or export Romanian money without limits. In town you can also get money from the pin automate and pay with credit card.

Telephone calls to abroad you can make also with telephone cards, available at post offices and at some fuel stations. In our campsite is also a public phone; telephone cards are available in the reception. Mobile phone is also operational.

We wish you a pleasant trip and welcome you to our campsite.

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