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Rural tourism

Ethnography and folklore:

This area, the Huedin depression, or Kalotaszeg, on a territory of 1000 km˛ - is one of the most famous ethnographical zones from Transylvania. Here is living the second biggest Hungarian minority from Transylvania. Ethnographs from all over the world are visiting it for researches and many artist are looking here for inspiration from the folklore or from the traditional handwork.

The culture, tradition, architecture, folklore in many places is very well preserved from hundreds of years. In the villages You can see old typical houses and farms, water-mills, fortified churches (beginning from the XII. century) with the famous paintings on wooden caskets on their ceilings, wooden churches, monasteries, the beautiful, unique woodcarvings, popular costumes, needle-works, carpets, painted furniture, and many more. You can visit the famous woodcarvers, the carpet-weavers, and the women who are doing the beautiful needle-works. You can admire here hundred year old music, songs, dances and traditions. By demand we can organise for you small folklore-spectacles.

The daily life of the villages is like it was 50-100 years ago in Western Europe. The population is living mainly from farming, woodcarving, weaving, needle-works and other handwork. The fields are worked mostly by hand, with old traditional tools, with horses, donkeys, oxen or black waterbuffalos. The animals (cows, horses, goats and black waterbuffalos) are grazing in the free nature, walking from hayfield to hayfield, and they are coming home every evening by themselves. The flocks of sheep's are herded also in the free nature, but they are leaving the village with their shepherds in the spring, living in the summertime in the mountains, and coming back in the village only in the autumn.

History and culture :

this region, like all Transylvania, had a restless history, which is very well reflected, in the culture and in the thousands of relics from the past. It was populated already in the prehistoric times, later by nomad tribes, Daciens, Romans, Germans (Saxons and Schwabians), Hungarians and Romanians. Being an area with rich vegetation, all kind of geographical forms, minerals, good fields for agriculture and situated in a key-position, along the history it was shaken by many wars and battles.

The localities were often occupied or burned down, destroyed; the population was subjugated, driven away, killed. Now You can admire in the peaceful, picturesque landscapes all the relics from this eventful history: traces from the prehistoric settlements, from the Dacien and Roman times, and all kind of ruins and monuments from the passed centuries, like castles, fortresses, churches (also fortified, or wooden churches), towers, monasteries, old mines and many more.

The nature :

is exceptionally rich and colourful. You can see here all kind of geographical forms from the plains to the high mountains, from the peaceful valleys and meadows to the wild gorges, canyons and rocks. Very rich vegetation (fauna and flora) populates all this geographical forms, with many rare or unique species. You can admire beautiful landscapes, famous reservations, natural monuments, lakes and waterfalls, the wildness of the volcanic or carstic areas, the beautiful underground world of the caves and many more. It is an ideal place for a restful and comfortable holiday, but also for adventures, like hiking, wildcamping, orientation, climbing and survival. If you wish to practise alpinism, You have hundreds of alpinist-routs with all kind of levels and difficulties. If you like the spelaeology (caving), an exceptionally rich underground world is waiting for you, with more then 10 000 caves and underground systems. You can also practise the aquatic sports like swimming, river-running, canyoning, boating with kayak or canoe on beautiful lakes, peaceful or wild rivers.

For specialists and scientists :

like photographers, cameramen, archaeologists, geologists, geographers, biologists and others, this area offers also several incomparable possibilities.

We provide for you Guides :

  • for all kind of trips or touristical programs
  • any time, for one or more persons, for families or for groups.
  • specialised in the theme of which you are interested.
  • if you wish to learn some climbing, alpinism, spelaeology, or other sports.
  • speaking English, German, French, Hungarian and Romanian.

Guided trips

ask for the special publicity folders and descriptions
  • Equipment for the special programs
  • Small folklore-spectacles
  • Tourist-information

For information and ordering: ask the receptionist at Camping Eldorado, tel. no. (+40) 0264-371688

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