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ADVENTURE TRIPS in the Western (Apuseni) Mountains

 These trips are led by experienced guides and interpreters, speaking English, German (or French), specialized in the different areas (caving, hiking, survival, alpinism, folklore). We can make the trips easier for inexperienced people or harder for experienced or professional persons, but in each case they are very safe. We discuss in advance with you the plan of the trip, so that nobody will have to do things he doesn’t like. You can choose what kind of area you want to visit and how many days you want to spend. If you have special needs like extra equipment (such as tents, rubber boots, or alpinist-, diving- or spelaeological/caver equipment for professionals, or others), or guides specialized in geology, mushrooms, medical plants or others, please let us know in time.

*  Information and ordering at the reception of Camping Eldorado.

Visiting original caves

  In these trips you can visit the wonderful underground world of the nicest carstic areas with thousands of wild caves, holes, underground systems. Some of these are already mapped, some are still explored, and many others are waiting to be discovered. The unique attraction of this caves is, that there is nothing artificial (transformed by people) inside of them, they are in their original state, as they was formed over many million years. It is a real expedition with karbidlamps, helmets and caving equipment. You can see all kind of spectacular carstic formations, stalactites and stalagmites, “draperies”, crystals, underground rivers, waterfalls and lakes.

  We can organize trips for one or more days. If you wish to stay for more days, we’ll camp in the wild nature in some nice valley, and cook at the campfire, like the real spelaeologs (cavers) are doing. We can cook for you “gulyas” at the campfire, a typical Hungarian meal, very popular to tourists who like the wildcamping. We provide you with experienced specialists and all the necessary caving equipment.
     We are offering to You 4 kind of caving trips: visiting the Sighistel Valley (5-6 caves), visiting the Iad Valley (5-6 caves), the Padis Plateau (7-8 caves), or visiting the longest cave from Romania (46 km long, possibility also to sleep in it). If you are interested in one of these trips, we can offer you the detailed description about each one.

Hiking trips in the nature

  In these trips you have the possibility to get closer to the nature and to leave for a time the civilized world. You will see nice landscapes, mountains, valleys, lakes, gorges, and rocks, walk and hike in the wild nature or in natural reservations.
  We can organize trips for one or more days. If you choose to stay for more days, we’ll camp with the tents in the middle of the free nature and in the evening we’ll make a nice campfire to cook our meals. We can cook for you “gulyas” at the campfire, a typical Hungarian meal, very popular to tourists who like the wildcamping, and we can also buy fresh milk from the peasants. If you are interested, we can teach You some survival, climber, caver, or rope techniques, how to make a good campfire in any conditions, or how to protect the nature - and yourself - in Your trips. We can show you the most efficient medical plants, the eatable plants and fruits and many other things nature is offering us. A specialized guide will lead the expedition.
  In the Western Mountains are thousands of areas, which are ideal for wildcamping. You just have to tell us, what kinds of trip you wish, what kind of landscape you want to visit and we’ll offer it to you.

Roundtrips with original wagons pulled by european black buffalo’s

  It is a real adventure to travel with very old-fashioned, traditional wagons (with wooden wheels), pulled by European buffalo’s. You can make nice roundtrips trough the valleys and over the hills from the surroundings of the camping. The European black buffalo’s have their origin in India. They were used in Europe in ancient times for the hardest works on the fields, being much stronger and smarter, than the oxes. They have very good milk. Today they are almost disappeared from Europe, but here and there you can still find them in Romania.

Short trips with traditional wagons pulled by horses

 The same nice trips you can do by traditional wagons pulled by horses.

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