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the city Cluj Napoca
Cluj Napoca, Cluj for short, is the the former capital of Transylvania. Earlier in history, the city has the same glamour as Vienna, Prague and Budapest. The centre has several building styles. People are very busy now to restore the old glory of this city. Cluj has many daily markets, waiting for your visit. Don't forget to walk into the botanic gardens and the open-air museum.
The folklore

Folklore is an essential part of the romanian lifestyle. Almost every place has its own habits. Festivals, like the festival of Belis, can be found in the neighbourhood and easy to visit starting from the camping. Information about dates and places can be obtained from the camping-staff.
It's possible for groups to arrange dance and music performances at the campingplace.
the caves

The caves in the Apusenimountains are fabulous. You find many types of them in the neighbourhood. (more then 10.000). The longest is 48 km. They enclose underground rivers and lakes. Most of them are untouched. You can visit here a gletcher and an ice-cave.
For both, speleologists and amateurs, we have guides or instructors. Information at the reception of the camping!
the nature

Starting at the camping you can make wonderful walkings. On the left side you see the Turda-canyon and on the right the waterfall of Rachitele. You can visit them during a day trip by car. A trip around the tree cascaded barrages with lakes is also very interesting.
the horses

Horses are very important in Romania. They are very useful in the country for pulling the horse wagons and for the hard labour in the fields. Even donkies are useful on the small mountain pathways. The water-buffalo is used here as a working aid. On the right side you see them relaxing in the water pool.
the salt

  In earlier times, the Transylvanian height was a see, the Panonian See. Because of this you find here many salt mines, salt lakes and plenty of fossils. In the Roman ages people gain salt from the earth as you can see in the right picture. Since 1913, the salt winning stops.
You find many salt lakes here. Doing a "cure" in the salt lake of Cojogna is very popular. Floating on the water is easy due to the "Death See effect".

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